Tuesday, November 1, 2011

November is Here!

     Halloween is officially come and gone and Thanksgiving is just around the corner!        Hosting a Thanksgiving dinner can be quite the feat.  From in-laws judgmental remarks, to making sure your home is warm and inviting.  But who says you have to do it alone? 

Let Lacy Bella Designs take some of the edge off this Holiday Season.  Leave us to the decorating!

 Browse our Holiday section and find the perfect design that is sure to impress everyone!  Don't see one that's quite as perfect as you want?  No problem!  Fill out a custom order form for no extra charge and choose every detail that goes into your design!

Each design is hand made to order with precision and speed with our new turnaround time of only 11 days and decreasing each day!

Click on this link to browse our Thanksgiving catalog: http://www.lacybella.com/category_19/all/Thanksgiving.htm

Click on this link to order a custom design: http://www.lacybella.com/pages/CustomOrderForm.htm

If you have any questions at all you can reach us at support@lacybella.com Or give us a call to speak to a representative at (480)-359-1000.

Happy Holidays!

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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Holiday Times

Hey all you Vinyl lovers!

         I am sure you are all aware that the next several months host several holidays! We've got Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years all with in the next 4 months!

I am sure many of you are planning a party or get together for at least one of these!  If you're doing a party out of your home, why not add a little touch of vinyl somewhere?  An inspiring quote or a fun, holiday-themed design is sure to add a nice decorative, and warm touch to any social gathering.

Can't find the perfect design to fit your wants or needs?  No problem! fill out a custom order form and choose every detail on your design! our designer will even send you samples so you can see a few different options for what you want.

Check out LacyBella.com to browse our catalog, chat live with a representative, or fill out the custom order form!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Groupon Features

Hey Everyone!  Are you a Groupon subscriber? Are you taking advantage of all the deals that we have going on right now?  We are being featured on two markets right now! Toledo is hosting us until Sunday night and we are in Akron for another 2 days! You can get a $25 gift voucher for only $10! That is $15 of free product! If you aren't taking advantage of this you are missing out!
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